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Recharge Hours

Once you used your first 20 free hours of use, in order to continue using Kitchen Draw, you have to recharge more hours of use.

The hours of use are in ‘Real Time’ and they count only when you use Kitchen Draw software. If you leave the program open while answering a phone call, or even if you are just staring at the screen while thinking, the clock is stopped and will only resume when you are actively using it.

The price is EURO 3.00/hour.
To see the conversion rate to your local currency, please use the CURRENCY CONVERTER.

RECHARGE HOURS by using the following instructions:

The number of hours available to you before the system will disable planning functions is shown in the top right hand corner of the main window. As you use the software, this number reduces and when it reaches 5 hours, a warning will appear in the main window. To ensure continued use you need to re-charge the system, which is done as follows:

    * On the top menu bar, click on the ‘?’ icon and you will get a drop down menu.
      Select ‘Recharge hours of use’.
    * Click on the ‘Copy’ button next to the box with the 23 digit code under the
      heading ‘Site Code to provide’.
    * Connect to the Internet, and go to RECHARGE HOURS
    * On the next page you are asked for your registration details. Enter the e-mail address and the password you registered with. Next, place the cursor in the ‘Site Code to Provide’ box and click ’paste’. This will result in the 23 digit code copied from the Recharge hours window being placed in the appropriate box. Move on to the next page by clicking on ‘Submit‘.
    * Select the number of Hours you wish to purchase and follow the screens to enter your credit card details.
    * Once you have paid for the hours, a final screen will be displayed which shows you the Loading Key. Copy this key from the web page (by scrolling over all of the characters with the mouse cursor while holding down the left mouse button, then clicking the right mouse button and selecting Copy from the drop down menu).
    * Return to the Kitchen Draw window shown above (?/Recharge hours of use) place the mouse cursor in the Loading Key to get box, and click the Paste button next to the box and click OK. Your system will be recharged with the number of hours purchased.

If you prefer not to pay on line, you may also request our banking details to do do an EFT payment directly to our ABSA account.  Then send an e-mail with your site code(go to:?/Recharge Hours of use and copy the Site Code shown). You will receive in return a loading key for the amount of hours of use you require,  in amounts of 20, 50, 100, or 200 hours at R35.00 per hour of use.